Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Women's History Month!

Lisa Taylor of Shelf-Employed and I are so proud to present the newest edition of our joint effort, Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month, beginning today!  We are very excited with the roster of distinguished authors and bloggers who have joined in our efforts this year.  For a complete list of contributors, check out the right sidebar on the blog.  Some of the authors and books that will be featured include Jane Yolen and her new release, Bad Girls, Jan Pinborough and her charming new picture book Miss Moore Thought Otherwise, Tanya Lee Stone and her new book Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?, Renee Watson and Harlem's Little Blackbird, and so many more.  Some of the blogs whose authors will be contributing this year are Read Roger, Hope is the Word, Bay Views and More, the Reading Tub, and Pink Me.  This year's posts are sure to be as fascinating as in the past.

Here at the Fourth Musketeer, I will also be reviewing a number of new women's history related books this month, so look out for those as well.

Florence Nightingale
Clara Barton
Amelia Earhart
Betsy Ross
Since I grew up in an era when girls were lucky to find a biography of Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, and maybe Betsy Ross in the school library, I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful resources that are out there for today's girls.  I am grateful to the many wonderful authors who not only write about the iconic figures of women's history, but also about the lesser-known women who are also outstanding role models for our girls of today.  You, too, can learn about some of these terrific resources by following Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month.  And please pass on the word to others who might be interested, especially the gatekeepers who are often the ones who put books into the hands of kids:  teachers, parents, and of course, librarians!

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