Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Begins!

This is my first year participating in Bloggiesta, sponsored by Mawbooks, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my blog and other bloggers over the weekend.  I'm especially excited about some of the mini-challenges, particularly blogging goals, organizing your books (in piles all over the house at my home), and meeting new bloggers. 

My personal goals for the weekend include some rather tedious housekeeping chores, such as redoing my book index to make it more user-friendly, redoing my "About Me," and continuing to work on getting caught up on reviews, particularly books I want to highlight during February for African-American History Month and March for Women's History Month.  I'll also be wrapping up some planning for the inaugural Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month blog project that I'm working on with Shelf-Employed; we've filled nearly all our available dates for bloggers and authors but if you're interested in participating we're going to be posting links during the month of March as well.  Please check out that project at 

Happy blogging to all the Bloggiesta participants!  And if you still want to sign up, head over to MawBooks and sign up with Mr. Linky. 


Heidenkind said...

That's what Bloggiesta is for--impetus to get all those boring housekeeping things done! Good luck; hope you have fun this weekend. :)

Charlotte said...

I don't think I will ever have the strenght to index my reviews! But I hope all your housekeeping goes well!